Government Increase Salary By 23.3% for 2022/2023

 Government Increase Salary By 23.3% for 2022/2023

Secretary General of the Association of Teachers Tanzania (CWT), Deus Seif said teachers understood well the statement of the President Samia Settlement was made in celebration of May Day on the promise of overtime wages where they thanked to fulfill that promise and ratify the additional 23.3% of salaries to staff “we said we do not trust Mama see it completed.”. Read more image below

Ms. President Samia Suluhu Hassan approves a 23.3% increase in the minimum wage for public servants|Ongezeko la mshahara kwa watumishi wa umma kwa kima cha chini cha 23.3%

The President of the United Republic of Tanzania Hon.  Settlement Samia Hassan was listening to the Prime Minister Hon.  Kassim Fate while identifies members of the White House meeting was held in Dar es Salaam on May 14, 2022 to discuss various issues, including staff salary enhancements.  In the meeting, Hon.  Samia has accepted President-percent increase to 23.3% minimum msharahara for civil servants.

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