Royalties: Artists Flow to COSOTA | Wasanii Walipwa Mirabaha Tanzania

Royalties: Artists Flow to COSOTA | Wasanii Walipwa Mirabaha Tanzania

Royalties: Artists Flow to COSOTA | Wasanii Walipwa Mirabaha Tanzania Some Artists who have met their requirements and met the conditions for obtaining royalties have continued to flock to the offices of the Copyright Institute (COSOTA), effective January 31, 2022, to submit their bank statements and complete basic procedures to complete the payment process. of their royalties. The voices of the artists are Ambwene Isaiah (AY), Farid Kubanda (Fid Q), Chege Chigunda and the Mabantu group manager. 

In addition, the artists thanked the President of the United Republic of Tanzania Samia Suluhu Hassan for emphasizing the management of copyright of artists as well as artists who receive royalties for their work in various areas of business. They also commended COSOTA for paying them the royalties as they have not received royalties for a long time and they have never received the same dividend as in the current allocation. 

According to the law the artists who are paid royalties are those who have registered Cosota for their work and also those works have been proven to be commercially exploited (economic use) such as music played on radio stations or any literary work such as a book incorporated into commercial film production. "The royalty is not a substitute for the sale of an artist's work but as a compensation given to the architect for his work which he introduced to the market and then used by other people commercially. 

If an artist's work is not used commercially even if he has sold it and is in the market in large quantities then he has no right to royalty and the quantity of one's work message is what differentiates the magnitude of opinion from one person to another, "explained a Cosota official.

COSOTA was complying with the order of President Samia Suluhu Hassan who demanded that Artists be paid for their songs played on various sites such as radio and television. St. Cecilia's Arusha Choir is one of the artists who received the most money. 

The choir received a check for 8.7 million followed by artist Alikiba who received 7.5 million and number three Rose Muhando who received 5.7 million. Alikiba posted a picture of himself receiving his check and writing down these words; "20 years in the arts, yesterday I got my first royalty, it took a while but a good start. Copyright law has come into effect. Thank you Mh. President Samia Suluhu for this law enforcement and ministry of Arts and Culture, COSOTA for success. 

Let the work continue. ” Other artists on the list of those who made the most money from their copyright included A.Y 5.6 million, Christina Shusho 4.5 million, Ibraah 4.5 million, Nandy 2.6 million, Saraphina 1.8 million and Maua Sama received 1.3 million. 

This event was also used to launch music awards in Tanzania and the first phase will be organized in March this year.

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