3 Sales Promoters Job Opportunities at East-West Seed,March 2022

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17 March 2022

3 Sales Promoters Job Opportunities at East-West Seed,March 2022

  Mgodin       17 March 2022

3 Sales Promoters Job Opportunities at East-West Seed,March 2022

3 Sales Promoters Job Opportunities at East-West Seed,March 2022 The employee should be responsible for the Promotion of East-West Seed Tanzania products in the whole country of Tanzania (the region/ regions of the assignment will be determined by the Sales & Marketing Manager) by means of demonstration to increase awareness of the brand name of each product and increase sales of vegetable seed in the respective area of assignment.

Locate farmers groups and make an inventory of the growing areas, crops, season, contact village leaders, find key farmers, train/ advise farmers and customers.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for promoting & introducing company products & technology (veg. seeds & new varieties)
  • Organize farmer's meetings, farm demo, field days, harvest festival, invite dealers, farmers, traders, LGU (local gov. units), and other stakeholders.
  • Plan and establish a demo depending on the area; thus through demonstration, you will introduce new technologies to farmers-especially in your trial like raised beds, spacing, fertilization, a spraying method, drenching, etc.
  • Implement PDS trials depending on the PDS plan for the year; as well as working in close cooperation and under supervision of PDS Supervisor and Associate Breeder.
  • Make an agreement with the farmer concerning field demo (techno. & commercial demos) varieties to be tested/promoted and possible arrangement/ sharing of cost.
  • Submit the reports on time: (a) Weekly reports every end of the week or as decided otherwise (reports regarding your field activities, farms visit, planning, upcoming meetings, demo update, cost, and other related concerns. (b) Propose demo plan, area, sowing dates, cost, and projected field days based on areas of coverage in respective regions of assignment. (c ) Semester plan & Market Survey Data.
  • Submit a budget, a request cash advance(CA) for the monthly activities, and liquidate the expenses 4 days before making a new request for cash for the next activities.
  • Work & comply based on annual targets on-field activities (based on your monthly bonus): Farmer’s Meeting, Techno-Demo, Field Day’s/ Harvest Festival.
  • Visit trading posts, agro-dealers, veg. dealers/traders, and stockists to discuss introduction, performance, feedback of our product, and availability/posting of promotional materials like posters, brochures, and availability of our seeds in the shops.
  • Take responsibility for company property issued under your custody (eg. cell phones, tablets, flipcharts, marketing materials, etc..)
  • Keep watch of our competitors on what, when, where & how are they doing in the field, and report of new variety introductions.
  • Close coordination & open communication with EWTZ employees in the field ( Salesman) in assigned respective areas.
Are we looking for you?

  • Must have Bachelor Degree in Agriculture
  • Ability to communicate with all levels; particularly smallholder farmers
  • Must have technical competence in all aspects of crop management
  • Experience in technical training (farmer extension)
  • Ability to transfer improved farm management practices through key farmers
  • Able to build trust in farming communities
  • Good time management and organization skills
  • Able to coordinate with input dealer, collector, and relevant partner
  • Ability to solve problems(analytical thinking) and share relevant information
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in the Swahili language, and proficiency in English a plus
  • Computer literacy is a plus
East-West Seed has competitive packages on offer for outperformers

Application Deadline: March 25th, 2022




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