Kibaigwa Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority Job Opportunity January 2022

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29 January 2022

Kibaigwa Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority Job Opportunity January 2022

  Mgodin       29 January 2022


Kibaigwa Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority Job Opportunity January 2022

Kibaigwa Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (KIBAWASA) is a Public Water Utility responsible for the overall operations and management of Water

EMPLOYER: Kibaigwa Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority

APPLICATION TIMELINE: 2022-01-28 2022-02-10



i. To head the Department responsible for customer services and follow up of payments of water bills by customers;

ii. To advise the Utility Manager on all issues concerning business of the Authority;

iii. To check and direct subordinates on customer data collection, entry, computations and analysis to ensure they are effectively and efficiently done;

iv. To develop and implement strategies for meeting customer demands for water and improving customer service;

v. To check on customer database to ensure it is up-dated regularly and current;

vi. To direct subordinates to ensure that a customer survey is carried out continuously to understand the current credit status and needs of customers;

vii. To monitor availability of water supply at public supply points as per stand pipes;

viii. To supervise disconnections and reconnections of water supply of defaulting customers to ensure they are timely carried out;

ix. To manage the communication between customers and the Authority to ensure that customers are informed of all developments regarding water and sanitation services they can get from the Authority;

x. To manage meter readings, calculation of water bills, preparation and distribution of the bills;

xi. To coordinate appropriate procedures for collecting and disseminating customer queries, complaints or concerns to ensure that they are soundly attended and resolved;
xii. To monitor the revenue collections from customers and recommends appropriate policies or plans to ensure timely payments;

xiii. To set-up annual billing or revenue collection targets depending on the service supply and demands of consumers, and devises appropriate methods to achieve them;

xiv. To monitor and facilitate continuous customer survey or inspections to ensure that all customers are registered and that water supplied to consumers is billed according to the agreed procedures;

xv. To set-up and coordinate mechanisms for identifying, verifying and recommending vulnerable groups and individuals who may qualify for free water services according to the guiding policies;

xvi. To periodically coordinate and analyze prepaid meter training needs in order to ensure they cope with the required technology and environment;

xvii. To conduct open performance review and appraisal of subordinates and gives feedback;

xviii. To develop individual objectives/targets and performance standards as part of the individual performance agreement in consultation with the immediate superior; and

xix. To perform any other duties as may be assigned by the Managing Director.


Bachelor degree/Advanced Diploma in Business Administration or equivalent qualifications from a recognized Institution with at least six (6) years working experience in a similar organizations in a position of dealing with customers.

REMUNERATION As per Authority scheme of Service

The deadline for submitting the application is 10 February 2022.


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