Patent Examiner in Organic Chemistry job Opportunities at ARIPO company 2022

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31 December 2021

Patent Examiner in Organic Chemistry job Opportunities at ARIPO company 2022

  Mgodin       31 December 2021

Patent Examiner in Organic Chemistry job Opportunities at ARIPO company 2022

Patent Examiner in Organic Chemistry job Opportunities at ARIPO company 2022






The African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO) (hereinafter referred to 

as “the Organization”), is an Intergovernmental Organization, which was established at 

Lusaka, Zambia, in 1976 by an Agreement concluded under the auspices of the United 

Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the World Intellectual Property 

Organization (WIPO).

The Organization was created, inter alia, to promote the development of Intellectual 

Property (IP) laws appropriate to the needs of its members, establish common services 

and training schemes, and assist its members in the acquisition and advancement of 

technology and the evolving of common views on IP matters. 

The Organization grants and administers IP titles on behalf of the Member States and 

provides IP information to its clientele in the form of search services, publications and 

awareness creation. Membership of the Organization is open to all Member States of the 

African Union (AU). 

The present members of the Organization are: Botswana, Kingdom of Eswatini, The 

Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Kingdom of Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritius, 

Mozambique, Namibia, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, 

Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

(Total: 20 States)

The organs of the Organization are:

(a) the Council of Ministers, consisting of Ministers who are responsible for the 

administration of intellectual property matters in the respective Member States;

(b) the Administrative Council consisting of Heads of Offices dealing with the 

administration of intellectual property , in the respective Member States; and 

(c) the Secretariat (the Office of ARIPO) headed by the Director General as the Chief 

Executive Officer of the Organization.


Applications are invited from suitable candidates to be considered for appointment to the 

post of Patent Examiner: Organic Chemistry, the full description of which is as follows:

Duty Station: Harare, Zimbabwe

Duration of appointment: Fixed-term contract of two (2) years (renewable, subject to 

satisfactory performance). 


Search and examine Industrial Property (IP) rights applications received by the 

Organization to determine if they comply with relevant legal requirements pursuant to the 

granting of legal protection. Under the supervision of the Head of Search and Substantive 

Examination, the Patent Examiner: Patent Examiner: Organic Chemistry will carry out 

the following tasks:

(a) Investigate patent applications in the field of Organic Chemistry to ensure 

sufficiency of disclosure to facilitate consideration for registration; 

(b) Search through earlier publications; technical literature and online databases to 

assess the legal aspects of the patent application’s specifications to make sure that 

the application is new;

(c) Examine inventions from a technical standpoint to ensure that the invention is 

novel, clearly described and appropriate for use;

(d) Classify applications in accordance with International Patent Classification (IPC);

(e) Discuss and consider legal matters affecting patentability and entitlements to the 

invention claimed by the applicant;

(f) Support the development of IP Rights information and documentation management 


(g) Ensure the efficient and effective delivery of IP Rights through; timely publishing 

of reports and delivery of these to applicants and/or patent agents; 

(h) Ensure effective communication and resolution to disputed matters with applicants 

and/or Patent Agents;

(i) Participate in capacity building and knowledge sharing activities within the 

Organization and amongst its stakeholders (including Member States, Institutions 

of higher learning, research institutions, Inventors etc.) to promote creativity, 

innovation and the utilization of IP; and 

(j) Perform any other duties and tasks as may be assigned or delegated. 

Minimum qualifications and experience required: 

• Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Organic Chemistry & seven (7) years’ relevant 



• Master’s Degree in Organic Chemistry & five (5) years’ relevant experience.

 Role and mission critical competencies required:

• Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite and other relevant ICT packages 

• Confidentiality, professionalism and respect for integrity and accuracy of 

examination results 

• Written and verbal communication skills 

• Initiative and time management 

• Ability to work independently and under pressure whilst remaining adaptable and 


• Learning and sharing knowledge and encouraging the learning of others 

• Judgment, organizing, problem solving, analysis and decision-making skills

• Excellent research and report writing skills

Nationality: To be eligible for appointment, candidates must be nationals of a Member 

State of the Organization.


Conditions of employment shall be subject to the ARIPO Staff Rules and Procedures or 

be determined by the Administrative Council of the Organization.

Salary and allowances on first appointment shall be those applicable to Grade L3 Step 1 

of the ARIPO salary scales of the professional category.

Base Salary: US$39,150 per annum.

Post Adjustment Allowance: Depending on the rise and fall in value of the United 

States dollar, a post adjustment index which is presently 56.4% of base salary is applied 

as a cost of living allowance.

Dependency Allowances: US$1,800 per year for a dependent child. Maximum number 

of children three (3).

Other benefits include: 

• Payment of travel and removal expenses; 

• Once-off installation grant;

• Education grant of US$9,000 per year for each child, up to a maximum of three 


• Housing allowance;

• Contributory medical aid scheme;

• Annual leave of 30 working days; and 

• Paid home leave every two years.

 Medical examination: 

The appointment is subject to a satisfactory United Nations type medical examination to 

be conducted by an ARIPO nominated medical practitioner.


Applicants should submit an application letter together with: detailed curriculum vitae 

indicating pertinent personal data, and names, professional designations and addresses of 

two persons from whom evidence-based, professional references can be obtained; 

certified copies of relevant academic and professional certificates; police clearance; and a 

passport size photograph. 

Applicants should indicate in their personal data, the following:

(i) family name and first names;

(ii) date and place of birth;

(iii) nationality and detailed present address;

(iv) full names, relationship, gender and date of birth of dependents;

(v) language abilities both written and spoken;

(vi) educational background (main subjects, institutions, diplomas or degrees and marks 

of merit);

(vii) employment record (present or most recent employment, previous employment);


(viii) any other relevant information.


Applications addressed to the Director General of ARIPO and saved as a single pdf file

should be submitted by email only at not later than 24th January 

2022. The reference to be indicated on the email subject is “Patent Examiner: Organic 


Please note that applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the ARIPO Office on official letterhead 

at which stage they shall be requested to submit a certificate of evaluation/accreditation 

of their Degree qualifications from their respective National Qualifications Authority. 

ARIPO does not charge any fee and neither does it use any employment agents at any 

stage of the recruitment process.


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