How to create Mpesa MasterCard For Online purchase | Jinsi ya kutengeneza mpesa mastercard


How to create Mpesa MasterCard For Online purchase | Jinsi ya kutengeneza mpesa mastercard

How to create Mpesa MasterCard For Online purchase- Jinsi ya kutengeneza mpesa mastercard What is Mastercard Money? You may be wondering this, I want you to know that as we continue to make technological changes the telecommunications company Vodacom Tanzania has brought you a great opportunity for you to sell or buy products online using their mastercard.
Money mastercard is a digital card that only exists in digital format and through those digits you will be able to use it online to buy products just as you would with a regular bank card for example Visa, and Mastercard from other banks.
What are the Benefits of Mpesa Mastercard? Why should I use this Money Mastercard and stop using another card?

Benefits of Money Mastercard
• It is free to own.
• It’s easy to have you don’t need many things to own this card it’s just your phone.
• You must have a Vodacom Tanzania line running at Mpesa. (i.e. be able to deposit and withdraw money for Mpesa).
• It does not cost much on the internet.
• You save only the amount you want to spend.
• It is very easy to erase and replace another if you have lost the phone.
• It is easy to deposit and withdraw your money, you do not need an ATM you deposit and withdraw through your Money.
• These are just some of the many benefits you will get with a mastercard if you have a variety of uses on the internet such as Facebook, Instagram, pay for any online services that require you to have a bank card.

How To Make Your MasterCard Money.
1. Log in to your Money Menu ie * 150 * 00 #
2. Select number 4 Pay with Money.
3. Select number 6 Mpesa Mastercard
4. Select Number 1 Make a Card
5. Go to the sms App to see your digital money card.

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