Job At Coca Cola Kwanza Limited, Utilities And Processing

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09 November 2021

Job At Coca Cola Kwanza Limited, Utilities And Processing

  Mgodin       09 November 2021

Job Opportunity at Coca-Cola company Unit Manager: Utilities And Processing

Job At Coca Cola Kwanza Limited, Utilities And Processing


Location: Dar es salaam

DEADLINE: 22nd November 2021

Job Description

Coca-Cola Kwanza Ltd has an exciting opportunity in Manufacturing Department. We are looking for a talented individual with the relevant skills and experience in Manufacturing for a Unit Manager: Utilities and Processing position, which will based in Dar es Salaam. The successful candidate will report directly to the Manufacturing Manager.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

The incumbent will be responsible for the following.

    1. Setup Performance Goals: Ensure Performance goals define, customers, line utilization, raw material utilization, quality performance goals (product and package), training and development requirements and the quality requirements of the unit performance goals; Review Performance goals with team; Daily operational report and month-end report must be used to measure and control performance against goals; Continuously develop and implement action plans with team if any decline in performance occurs
    2. Manage the Utilities & Processing plant and processes Conduct spot checks on Short Interval Controls (preform, syrup tracker, water, HVAC, HP&LP air,) as part of Daily Walk About; Identify Productivity opportunities (People, Cost, CAPIN); Ensure compliance to Teamwork Practices (Team Building, KPI Review etc.); Leverage Shared Knowledge Management practices via OPL’s and Shared Learning development and implementation; Ensure effective application of the SC Way across the unit
    3. Drive Performance Improvement in Utilities & Processing Identify opportunities for process improvement through Systemic Improvements; Conduct PIP Review Meeting with Direct Reports and Support Departments; Identify, Motivate, Plan, and manage the implementation of Capital Projects; Manage the optimization of total usage of energy and water for the department; Participate in regular SCMAT in all areas of Control & drive continues improvement
    4. Manage Health, Safety, Environment, Risk and legal requirement in utilities and processing Ensure Boiler, pressure vessels, transformer, earthing systems routine and annual inspections are conducted and complies as per requirement; Ensure effluent discharge meets legal requirement and advise management on improvement; Ensures that safety and housekeeping receive the appropriate focus through regular checks and safety audits; Ensure Low- and high-pressure compressors are inspected and per requirement; Ensure water and CO2 system and accessories complies to legal and Coca cola requirement; Ensure a responsible approach to EOSH and closing identified gaps
    5. Manage Quality in the Utilities & Processing unit Drive corrective action when there is noncompliance to agreed quality Standards in the unit; Apply technical/engineering knowledge of utilities, water and effluent (maintenance, quality analysis and operation) as per KORE requirement; Check QMS compliance / Quality per Shift / Day and drive corrective actions; Drive corrective action with regards to Nonconformity with Raw Mats (SPP); Ensure Quality at source (Boiler, syrup, Effluent, preform manufacture and water treatment) is effective initiate corrective action where required; Manage refrigeration plant and associated quality requirement to deliver required chilling effects in processing and production lines; Ensure integrity of all associated Quality Management Systems
    6. Manage cost plans and costs within unit Analyze Utilities (steam, air, water, and CO2) Usages and engage with relevant stakeholders; Manages and Develop unit’s cost plans, Budget and CAPEX; Ensure accurate IPR compliance/capture and investigate irregularities; Investigate vertical ramp-up issues after Maintenance Shutdown and drive corrective actions.
    7. Lead the application of asset management practices within unit Ensure effective problem solving conducted in utilities and Processing unit, guide and coach where required; To ensure all central cooling units (HVAC) system are operating as per requirement; Manage both low- and high-pressure air generation plants and distribution; Manage steam generation and distribution as well as maintenance of boilers; Audit maintenance schedules, works orders, completed 5WHY’s when required; Analyze Maintenance KPI within unit and address deviations
    8. Manage Human Resources Train / coach team members on new processes/procedures/technologies and ensure competence; Always ensure high level of discipline within Team; Optimize resourcing through people planning, attraction, recruitment, and retention of talent; Build skill and competence of employees through CAP and coaching
    9. Manage Autonomous Maintenance Owns the implementation and management of ATM for their respective unit; Ensures that cleaning tasks are developed for each machine to support keeping machines clean post deep cleaning; Unit is subdivided to the number of teams. Each teams “owns” a section of the unit; Participate during deep cleaning exercise within unit; Coaches and assesses the Team Leader, Maintenance Controller, Machine Specialist, artisans, and operators; Ensures that direct reports individual goals are aligned to support the implementation plan; Ensure that necessary operator and artisan tools have been issued and maintained according to toolbox inspection.

 Skills, Experience & Education

The incumbent should have at least a Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical. Chemical &Processing, Industrial); 3 – 5 years as maintenance controller, specialist in utilities area with production and leadership experience in a FMCG environment. Strong communication skills, good leadership qualities, good analytical skills, and a demonstrated high level of integrity.




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