48 Government Vacancies At TANAPA,2021

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19 October 2021

48 Government Vacancies At TANAPA,2021

  Mgodin       19 October 2021

48 Government Vacancies At TANAPA,2021

The Tanganyika National Parks Ordinance CAP [412] of 1959 established the organization now known as Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), and Serengeti became the first National Park. Currently, TANAPA is governed by the National Parks Act Chapter 282 of the 2002 revised edition of the Laws of the United Republic of Tanzania.

Conservation in Tanzania is governed by the Wildlife Conservation Act of 1974, which allows the Government to establish protected areas and outlines how they are organized and managed. National Parks represent the highest level of resource protection that can be provided. By September 2019, TANAPA has grown to 22 national parks, covering approximately 99,306.5 square Kilometers.


To sustainably conserve National Parks through innovative approaches for maximization of ecosystem services and optimizing tourism development for human benefits


Sustainable Conservation of National Parks Resources and values for the benefits of mankind

48 Government Vacancies At TANAPA,2021

On behalf of Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) President’s Office, Public Service Recruitment Secretariat invites qualified Tanzanians to fill 48 vacant posts as mentioned in the PDF FILE below:




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