iPhone 13 release date, price, specifications

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16 September 2021

iPhone 13 release date, price, specifications

  Mgodin       16 September 2021

iPhone 13 release date, price, specifications

The iPhone 13 release date price and specifications, and leaks. iPhone 13 will look similar to the 2020 iPhone lineup with four devices in size that includes 5.4 inches, 6.1- inches and 6.7-inches with two of the iPhone being higher end Pro-models and two positioned as lower cost more affordable devices

iPhone 13 Price and Specification

2021 iPhones will have the same feature set as the 2020 iPhones but we can count on camera improvements a faster A-series processor a new 5G chip from qual comm, increased battery life and tweak to the size of the notch.

iPhone 13 release date, price, specifications and Leaks

Apple will continue offering four iPhones in 2021 with no changes to the size so we can expect a 5.4-inch iPhone mini, a 6.7-inch Pro Max model. Rumors have suggested the iPhone 12 min has seen lackluster sales, but Apple is still planning for and iPhone 13 mini at this time.

iPhone 13 pro model will be 0.2mm thicker perhaps to facilitate a larger battery and will feature a much larger rear camera unit, according to image of renders. The larger camera unit may need to be accommodate sensor-shift stabilization and it appears to be same size as the rear camera unit from the iPhone 12 pro Max

No Touch ID in iPhone 13

Unfortunately Under display Touch ID didn’t make the cut for the iPhone 13 models, Apple will instead continue to focus solely on Face ID. There will be no touch ID fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 13


iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 CAMERA COMPARISON

Apple is bringing the iPhone 13 Pro in line with iPhone 13 pro max, so the Camera bump is much bigger than the iPhone 12 Pro camera bump. Its on par size with the camera bump of the iPhone 13 pro max, so iPhone 12 Pro cases are not going to fit the iPhone 13 pro.

The iPhone 13 Pro max looks nearly identical to the iPhone 12 pro max though the camera bump is a bit larger. The dummy model has different lens sizes with slightly larger lens, but other than that there are no changes.

Case makers don’t necessarily need spot on lens size accuracy for developing a case but there could be some changes to the lenses as some camera upgrades are expected.

5G Chip and WiFi 6E || iPhone 13 5G or 6G?

More than 50% of total iPhone 13 models are expected to support mmWave technology and Apple is gearing up by ordering more mmWave antennas

Apple in 2021 will allegedly continue to cut iPhone costs to better accommodate the expenses of 5G chip technology, adopting as soft batter board design that will drop costs 30 to 40 percent compared to the iPhone 12 board price.

Large Batteries

The iPhone 13 pro max is said to have 4352mAh battery up from 3587mAh in the iPhone 12 pro max, While the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro will feature a 3095mAh battery up from 2815mAh in the iPhone 12.

The iPhone 13 mini is expected to include 2406mAh battery up from 2227mAh battery in the iPhone 12 mini

1TB Maximum Storage

There have been few sketchy rumors suggesting the iPhone 13 model will feature up to 1TB of storage space, up from 512GB maximum in the iPhone 12 model

Confirmed that the iPhone 13 will come in size as high as 1TB for the pro modes

iPhone 13 Release Date

Apple is holding California streaming event on Tuesday September 14 which is where we expect to see the iPhone 13 and Apple watch series 7 models.



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