Job Opportunity at Blue Recruits Limited, Production Manager

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02 August 2021

Job Opportunity at Blue Recruits Limited, Production Manager

  Mgodin       02 August 2021

Job Opportunity at Blue Recruits Limited, Production Manager

 Production Manager

Blue Recruits Limited  Dar es Salaam

Recruitment Consultant at Blue Recruits Limited

We’re looking for a competent and experienced manager. Experience in the meat process industry is a requirement

(meat/Poultry/Abattoir/Processed meat factory/food manufacturing, storage or handling industry etc.) Will be overseeing the day-to-day operations at food processing to ensure optimal product quality and maximum profit for company management.

Salary: Open to level of experience

Location: Dar es Salaam

Leadership Skill: skilled in directing and coordinating the activities of food production personnel to ensure efficient operations

Time-management Skill: Able to achieve production targets within set timeframe

Decision-making Skill: Can adept to taking key production decisions to ensure manufacture of high-quality products


  • A good grasp of holistic business management
  • Must be computer literate and able to assist with sales & marketing
  • Excel Reporting, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Management Reports
  • HR & IR, the setting of staff rosters, etc.
  • Previous exp. in logistics (Meat/E-commerce) orders advantageous
  • Bachelor’s degree in food science, food technology, or manufacturing engineering, or in a similar discipline
  • At least 5 years of experience as a food production technician is required ∙ High energy & the ability to “traffic control” in a pressured environment ∙ Ability to multi-task and take the pressure off management
  • Get the job done attitude, not a clock watcher.
  • Although Monday-Friday / 8am-5pm. Factory on occasion will have to run through the night or on weekends.


  • Direct and supervise the activities of Factory production staff.
  • Conduct studies to discover ways to improve the efficiency of production processes
  • Oversee the hiring and training food production personnel
  • Ensure manufacturing and processing staff wear appropriate sanitary and protective gear to ensure health and safety
  • Monitor every aspect of production to ensure compliance with established procedures and standards
  • Oversee the maintenance, repair, and replacement of production equipment to ensure smooth work operations
  • Develop and promote new food products to boost sales and increase generated returns
  • Set production objectives and implement action plans for achieving set targets
  • Conduct forecast to identify potential risks and contingencies in a proposed project
  • Prepare periodic reports to update upper management on food production activities
  • Create work shifts to ensure round-the-clock food production operations
  • Maintain accurate inventory of raw materials and processed food products
  • Ensure products and raw materials are stored properly at optimum conditions
  • Carry out surveys to identify customer requirements and adjust to meet such needs
  • Ensure all company regulations and government legislations are adhered to
  • Attend seminars, conferences, and educational programs to update job knowledge.

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