Fuel Card Executive Job at TotalEnergies 2021

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27 August 2021

Fuel Card Executive Job at TotalEnergies 2021

  Mgodin       27 August 2021

Fuel Card Executive Job at TotalEnergies 2021

JOB VACANCY: Fuel Card Executive 


Job Description

    • HSEQ: Respect of the Golden rules and all the HSE rules and standards of TOTAL by all the staff, contractors, customers…
    • Participate in various Tomcard Project
    • Implement auditors  recommendations as given by Total Africa.
    • Configuring new EPT machines and maintaining existing ones with IT department assistance
    • Manage priority control number 1: EPT machine polling follows up
    • Train Territory managers and station managers in relation to EPT machine handling (Subject to software machine up grade and guidance from Fuel Card Manager)
    • Confirm Accounts balances of post-paid client by submitting a letter quarterly; and making sure we receive a signed and stamp letter from the client that prove the balance confirmation
    • Work on reconciliation of fuel cards accounts assigned when need arises
    • Prepare for credit control meetings and Implement decisions made by Credit Control Committee; monthly
    • Follow up of invoicing process and deliver invoices on  before 10th and 22nd of every month
    • Introducing Fuel Card System to new client
    • Report Fuel Card System technical problems which are not within our expertise to Technical team in   Paris by creating ticket via RSF-GDD in absence of Fuel Card Manager
    • Report items which need procurement such as fuel cards, rolls and EPT on time (Order submitted to Total Africa takes six months)
    • Context and environment

      • First Card that uses an automatic polling system in Tanzania
      • Have to rely on phones companies performance for polling (Vodacom and Airtel)

Candidate profile

  • Integrity
  • University degree in business or marketing/Administration
  • Knowledgeable in MS Office package
  • Communication skills essential
  • Customer service skills
  • Business contacts




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