Jobs Opportunities At Alaf Limited, June 2021 ( 3 post )

Jobs Opportunities At Alaf Limited, June 2021 ( 3 post )

The company was established in October 1960 with an initial objective of developing the ‘Aluminium and Steel Industrial Complex’ in Tanzania. Since then, ALAF (formerly called Aluminium Africa Limited) has established itself as a leading producer of steel roofing and related products in the country. In its endeavor to provide world class roofing products, ALAF Limited graduated to using Aluminium-Zinc steel coating technology in 2010, thus manufacturing roof sheeting that offers a much longer service life than traditional zinc coated (so called “galvanized”) steel.

We deliver trusted solutions, that are made with pride and care, to provide superior customer values.

Our Values 
A strong customer focus Innovating for world class solutions. Partnership for shared success. A commitment to ethics and compliance. To care for our employees, our communities ad the environment

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Deadline: 11th June 2021