Car Insurance Online Validation TIRA MIS

Car Insurance Online Validation TIRA MIS;

TIRA MIS is a portal that manages motor insurance stickers and their respective cover notes. Using this Portal, an insurer, broker and agent is able to complete and submit information regarding motor insurance sticker and its cover note issued at a particular time on-line. Moreover, all stakeholders are able to verify the issued stickers and respective cover notes on-line by clicking the link “Validate Motor Insurance Sticker” OR Sending a short message to 15200 with a word STICKER followed by MOTOR INSURANCE STICKER NUMBER (e.g. STICKER 8829537).

 How do I check if my Tanzania insurance is valid? Motor insurance cover notes can be verified using the TIRA MIS Portal or TIRA MIS android app (from PlayStore). User is required to enter the sticker or motor vehicle number in the validate sticker or motor insurance cover note field and click validate.

What are the Car Insurance Benefits

The following are the benefits of insurance:-

  • Peace of Mind:- The knowledge that Insurance exists to meet the financial consequences of certain risks, provides a form of peace of mind.
  • Loss control:- Companies have developed considerable expertise in the Technology of different forms or loss control.
  • Social Benefits:- The fact that the owner of a business has the funds available to recover from loss stimulates the business activity, jobs are being maintained and goods or services can still be sold.  Thus people maintain their job and source of their income.
  • Investment of Funds:- Insurance companies have at their disposal, large amounts of money.  This arises due to the fact that there is a time gap between the receipt of premium and the payment of a claim.

Motor Vehicle Insurance Cover Validation | Uhakiki wa Bima ya Chombo cha Moto

If you are looking for information about How to validate your Car insurance Online through TIRA MIS Portal , then you are in the right place. Here, we have shared all the necessary information regarding TIRA insurance validation check. It includes details about the application form, eligibility, reservation, selection list, etc.

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