WhatsApp Not Working in Android, WhatsApp Stopped In Window Kusitishwa kwa Baadhi ya Simu za iPhone, window na Android

WhatsApp Not Working in Android,  WhatsApp Stopped In Window  Kusitishwa kwa Baadhi ya Simu za iPhone, window na Android 

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Whatsapp is one of the most widely used social media app around the world. A day without using it feels like "What have I missed today?". But sorry to say this, there are certain phones on which you won't be able to access Whatsapp from next year.
There is a list of phones in which the messaging app will not be supported. If you are an iPhone user, then also you are on the list.

From February 2, 2020

  • Whatsapp made it obligatory for all the iPhone users to have minimum iOS 9 running on their devices. Otherwise, the services will come to a halt shortly. For iPhones which are running on iOS 8 won't be able to further create a new account or recheck the current account.
  • These alterations and updates will be active from Feb. 2, 2020 -- which means, the iOS 8 users can use it freely without any inconvenience till 1st February 2020. So, it is suggested to upgrade your version to iOS 9 before the aforementioned deadline to avail messaging on WhatsApp without any disruption.
  • WABetainfo, who keeps constant updates and news about this messaging app and the first to spot this issue, took to Twitter and posted a tweet about this issue.
  • The tweet said: "No support for iOS 8. You can still use Whatsapp on iOS8, but if you reinstall the app, you will no longer able to verify your account. The iOS 8 compatibility will be fully removed from February 1, 2020. Windows Phone is confirmed to be deprecated after December 31, 2019".

Whatsapp will work only on these devices

  • In the recent updates, Whatsapp took to their FAQs blog and mentioned that it will only support phones which run on Android OS 4.03, above iOS 9+ and a few selected phones which run KaiOS 2.5.1, including JioPhone and JioPhone2.
  • As the messaging app is constantly working on to bring up new updates and features to the app, it requires phones with better performance and upgraded versions. Whatsapp, in its updates also mentioned that it will discontinue its support for Windows Phone OS after Dec. 31, 2019.

Phones that no longer will support Whatsapp

  • Whatsapp has taken this decision to discontinue its support to certain phones since the upcoming updates or any addition of new features will not be able to support the older version of Android and iOS in phones. So, the list of phones that will no longer support Whatsapp are – Nokia S40, Android versions 2.3.7 and older, iOS 8 and older versions.

Till Feb. 1, 2020

  • Android versions 2.3.7 and older, iOS 7, iOS 8 and older versions can use the app uninterruptedly till 1st February 2020. After that, it will no longer be supported to those devices as well.

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