Two New ways to make money online (Tanzania)

make money online (Tanzania)
make money online (Tanzania)
Make money online (Tanzania)
Making money online is one of the most sought-after jobs in Tanzania, but because technology is working on a small scale in Tanzania, ways to make money online especially in Tanzania has been very difficult and inexpensive.

But today in Tanzania Tech we have been able to find two ways that can help give money online if you are doing these tasks diligently and seriously. These approaches work one hundred percent and most people run their lives through these ways. So without wasting time we should look at these ways.

Keep Your Videos on Rumble Web.
Unlike other networks like YouTube, the Rumble network itself pays its users for the popularity of video. If you can create a video that can be viewed by many people around the world then you can create a huge amount of money online. In addition to this network you can distribute your videos to major networks like CNN, Yahoo and other video-display networks and thus you will be able to earn more and more money. The most important thing is to make sure your video becomes popular and has been eaten by more people.

If you know you can make a popular video, you can join the Rumble network Here, as well as you can know more about the network by reading more here. You can see below the web page of the rumble video that has earned a lot of money for the number of Views.

Open a Supporter Account Through the BeForward website
As many of you know befoward is one of the largest trading companies in Tanzania and East Africa in general, apart from doing business in recent cars the company has started selling electronic goods through its beforward network. In addition to all these services, the web beetle also comes up with a way to earn money online through automobiles and other electronic devices.

What you need to do is sign up with a beforward supporters account and you will get a specific number that when someone buys a car or an electronic device via the network and puts your number, then the buyer will be able to get a price discount and you will also receive points that you can later change the points they become cash. Besides, if you are able to sell a lot of products you will be able to enter a special monthly prize and you will get a gift.

You can join the beforward supporters Through Here, you can also read more about beforward supporters Here. You can see below some people from different countries who have earned money through this method.

And these are two ways that I have prepared for you today, These methods are some of the ways that we have investigated and know the fact that they pay for 100 percent. you are downloading the Tanzania Tech app to get the most advanced way.

If you want to know more ways to earn money online via your mobile phone, you can read here also if you want to do business online and get money you can read here.

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