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TCU Background and Core Functions

The Tanzania Commission for Universities (TCU) is a body corporate established on the 1st July 2005, under the Universities Act 2005 (Chapter 346 of the Laws of Tanzania) with mandate to recognise, approve, register and accredit Universities operating in Tanzania, and local or foreign University level programmes being offered by registered higher education institutions. It also coordinates the proper functioning of all university institutions in Tanzania so as to foster a harmonised higher education system in the country.

The Tanzania Commission for Universities succeeded the former Higher Education Accreditation Council (HEAC) which was established in 1995 under the Education Act 1995 with a legal mandate to regulate the establishment and subsequent accreditation of private university institutions in the country. Being limited only to private universities, such mandate was considered unfavourable for the promotion of a viable public-private partnership in higher education as stipulated in the National Higher Education Policy of 1999.

Therefore, such circumstances prompted the government to establish a harmonized higher education system in the country which led into the establishment of the Tanzania Commission for Universities. In order to ensure such a harmonious higher education system does not compromise institutional peculiarities and autonomy, each University has the legal right to operate under its own charter.

The mandates and core functions of the Commission are provided under section 5(1) of the Universities Act Cap. 346. These functions can be clustered into the following three major areas.

Here are the list of Tanzania Universities with their website:-

SnName of InstitutionAccronym    Website
1Abdulrahman Al-Sumait UniversitySUMAITwww.sumait.ac.tz
2Aga Khan UniveristyAKUwww.aku.edu
3Ardhi UniversityARUwww.aru.ac.tz
4Catholic University of Health and Allied ScienceCUHASwww.bugando.ac.tz
5Hubert Kairuki Memorial UniversityHKMUwww.hkmu.ac.tz
6The International Medical and Technological UniversutyIMTUhttp://www.imtu.edu
7Kampala International University in TanzaniaKIUTwww.kiut.ac.tz
8Mbeya University of Science and TechnologyMUSTwww.mustnet.ac.tz
9Moshi Co-operative UniversityMoCUwww.mocu.ac.tz
10Mount Meru UniversityMMUwww.mmu.ac.tz
11Muhimbili University of Health and Allied ScienceMUHASwww.muhas.ac.tz
12Muslim University of MorogoroMUMwww.mum.ac.tz
13Mwalimu Julius K. Nyerere University of Agriculture and TechnologyMJNUATwww.mjnuat.ac.tz
14Mwenge Catholic UniversityMWECAUwww.mwecau.ac.tz
15Mzumbe UniversityMUwww.mzumbe.ac.tz
16Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and TechnologyNM-AISThttp://www.nm-aist.ac.tz
17Open University of TanzaniaOUTwww.out.ac.tz
18Ruaha Catholic UniversityRUCUwww.rucu.ac.tz
19Sebastian Kolowa Memorial UniverstiySEKOMUwww.sekomu.ac.tz
20Sokoine University of AgricultureSUAwww.sua.ac.tz
21St. Augustine University of TanzaniaSAUTwww.saut.ac.tz
22St. John's University of TanzaniaSJUTwww.sjut.ac.tz
23St. Joseph University in TanzaniaSJUITwww.sjuit.ac.tz
24State University of ZanzibarSUZAwww.suza.ac.tz
25Teofilo Kisanji UniversityTEKUwww.teku.ac.tz
26Tumaini University MakumiraTUMAwww.makumira.ac.tz
27Tumaini University Dar es Salaam CollegeTUDARCowww.tudarco.ac.tz
28The united African University of TanzaniaUAUTwww.uaut.ac.tz
29University of ArushaUoAwww.uoa.ac.tz
30University of BagamoyoUOBwww.uob.ac.tz
31University of Dar es salaamUDSMwww.udsm.ac.tz
32University of DodomaUDOMhttps://www.udom.ac.tz/www
33University of IringaUoIwww.uoi.ac.tz
34Zanzibar UniversityZUwww.zanvarsity.ac.tz

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